Webb Family Motorsports

Our Crew


Over the past couple of years our crew has expanded from 5 to 10.  These people all play key roles in preparing the cars for each race and we need every one of them in order to perform at an event.



Darrell Webb - is a licensed mechanic by trade.  For the past 13 years he has been running Lesco Distributors Inc. which started with selling Lucas Oil Products and has since expanded to a wide range of product for the trucking industry, such as interior and exterior chrome accessories, LED lights, fenders and bumpers just to name a few.  His racing background dates back to 1981 when he raced at Edmonton Speedway Park.  When Capital Raceway opened in 1991, Darrell was already racing with a 1971 Nova, traveling to Calgary and Saskatoon.  He has been racing ever since.

Scott Bourdin - is working as a machinist and has completed his second year apprenticeship at NAIT.  His racing background goes back to when he was just a baby as he attended every race we were at as well as racing the Jr. Dragster program until he was 16.  He then raced occasionally with his own street vehicles.  This opportunity has always been a dream of his to run a Funny Car.

Rick "Kato" Yamada – Scott and Rick share driving duties at certain events where one cannot attend.  This works out great for our team.



Crew Chief  Bob (Bubba) Webb (Darrell's brother)   is both a licensed mechanic as well as a heavy duty mechanic by trade. His racing knowledge goes back farther than anyone can remember.  He has been part of the team since 1990 and is a great asset to the team.

Rick “Kato” Yamada has been on several crew over the years and has settled in with us to assist mainly on the Acadian doing a majority of the prep work to ensure it is in top running condition. His profession is working in the disability department which includes working on elevators and installing accessibility controls in vehicles at Eco Medical.  His background there helps greatly with the mechanical aspects of the cars.

Colin Harris is a mechanic in Fort McMurray Alberta working for Premay Equipment and is the most recent team member.  His racing background goes to crewing for Rob Atchison on his Top Alcohol Funny Car in Ontario.  He came to us with excellent qualifications and great knowledge of what we do.  He accepted the challenge of helping us with our maintenance and race preparation for both our cars.  For the first year, he did a fabulous job and can’t wait to see what next year will bring.



Leslie Bourdin (Darrell's wife) – Manager, promotional advisor and financial administrator

Sandy Jelinski  (Leslie’s sister) - Webmaster, photographer for Webb Family Motorsports and is also the Race Director and Treasurer for IBAA

Danielle Bourdin  (Scott's wife & Leslie's daughter-in-law)  – Assists Scott when he is driving by seat belt buckling, starting the car and backing up for staging. 

Rebecca Hore (Danielle’s sister) - Assists with preparation of items at the line, videographer, Promotional product sales and management.  Has taken on more responsibility by working on the cars to assist with maintenance and race preparation.

Julia Harris (Colin's wife) – Assists with all aspects of our racing team, and will tackle any job that needs to be done.  Was a welcome addition to help with a variety of things that we were short-handed on in  previous years. 

Others that help us out at the track are Dale & Gail Hore, (Danielle’s Parents) and Roberta "Bert" Forster (Leslie & Sandy’s Mom) who pitch in where needed and support what we love to do.


As you can see, we truly are FAMILY no matter who is involved.  We are all related in one way or another.