Webb Family Motorsports

Our History

From the beginning:

In November of 1990, just months after the go ahead for the Drag strip at Labatt Raceway (formerly Capital Raceway), Webb Family Motorsports was formed and we purchased a 1971 Chevy Nova. The car was completely re-built over the winter and was ready for the first race in the spring of 1991. We ran the car for the next two years in Calgary and Saskatoon, traveling approximately 19,000 kilometers per year. August of 1992, Edmonton’s track was opened. We continued to travel, but were able to race closer to home for the remainder of the year. It was then we decided to expand our horizons and purchased the 1982 Corvette Funny Car in October of 1992.


The next few years would prove to be a very successful.   The Nova ran awesome in 1993, however we were looking forward to building a new ride for the following year. The Funny Car underwent a great deal of change to accommodate the driver. With many a long night and determination the new car was ready for the opening race of the 1994 season. The Funny Car was a learning experience for all. We started with a mild engine to familiarize That fall we made the trek to the states to purchase a “blown Engine” That winter, a the new drive line was installed to make the car faster and more exciting for the upcoming year. We had no idea how popular we would become. 1995 was the year we were labeled the “BURN-OUT KING”.


1996 - 1999

1996 we debuted a new paint scheme and could not believe the response. The best part was that people still recognized the car and crew even with a new look. This year was the most traveled to date. We covered 25,000 kilometers and appeared at six race tracks with a total of 15 race dates.

1997 was an exceptional year. We had excellent crowd response and received a great deal of media coverage. We made a few changes to the car over the winter and anticipated and even better year for 1998.

1998. Everything really came together for us. We landed a major sponsor, “Bumper to Bumper”, and were well on our way to having another successful year at the race tracks. We ran a total of 12 events that featured our car and a few smaller races that we were booked into for a special show. Again, we were pleased with media attention we received and the fans showed their appreciation as well. Can 1999 be any better than this? Let’s hope so!

1999 proved to be a very busy race year. Once again we received numerous articles in the Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun. We have obtained quite a large fan base at our home track and out of town attention has grown tremendously. We owe a great deal to our sponsors who supported us through this terrific year and hope they enjoyed the attention as much as we did. We competed at approximately 13 events this year and did several displays for various sponsors or for events promotions. We can’t imagine what the new millennium will bring us, but going by the past it will be better and more exciting than ever.


2000 - 2005

2000 began with another new paint scheme and a new major sponsor.   Lucas Oil Products came on in place of Bumper to Bumper and the season proved to be one of the most prosperous for our team. We continually meet our goals of getting the maximum exposure and benefits for our sponsors. We estimate that over 4,000,000 people saw our car during the 2000 season.

2001 - 2004 went by very quickly with minor variations to the paint scheme and sponsors.   Our fan base has grown along with the awareness of the sport of drag racing in Edmonton.

2005 brought a drastic change in color for the corvette going from white to blue. Of course all who follow our program offered their opinion of the new paint. Majority ruled in favor of the color. During the winter we also built a bigger engine - we went from a 468cc to 540cc.   However, regardless of how good the car looks and the new engine our overall record failed to provide many wins.   Although this is disappointing to the team, we are encouraged for the upcoming seasons to see what we can accomplish.

2006 – 2010

2006. Well, we bit the bullet and bought another Nova. This time it’s a Funny Car. Darrell’s dream car. This is a great opportunity to have two bodies and one chassis. The Corvette will now take a holiday and we will see how the Nova performs. The difference being body style and weight. The response to the new body is about 50-50. Some want the Corvette back others love the Nova.

2007 showed some new sponsors with some leaving, which is typical of the sport. We always feel no matter who supports us, we will do our best to get the exposure that they expect. The team is working very well together and we have become just like the engine, a well oiled machine.

2008 – 2010 would see much traveling, more race events and changing of sponsor’s. and engine parts. As we have had our moments of damage, there has not been too many times that we have had a major engine failure. Thankfully, this has left us with the ability to continue on with the sport we love.

2011 – 2012

2011 was a year of indecision,   We had only a few cars in our club and the debate was on for what would be the best way to continue. No one wanted to quit but we had to make a choice as to how to carry on. The best idea that we came up with was ….of course, put another car together. It was a then decided to purchase another chassis and put the Corvette body on as it was just sitting in the shop collecting dust anyway. Over the course of the next 5 months the long nights and many a weekend taken up we managed to get the second car together. Now, who will drive it. That of course was already figured out before we even got the chassis. Both Scott (son of Leslie and Darrell) and Jeremy (son of Sandy and nephew to Leslie) would share the duties. You couldn’t get the smiles off their faces.

2012. There can’t be enough said for the way the boys handled the car over the season. They were very professional, careful and extremely excited. They respected the car and what it was they were there to do. Have fun and put on a great show. Darrell and the Nova also were in great form with the runs that were being made. Every year we see more and more scary runs, meet more and more people and have the best time ever.

2013. This year turned out to be the year of the Gremlin, with the cars running fairly smooth, yet just couldn’t get into the winners circle.  Found some trouble with the top end of the motor and determined we had been running the incorrect lifters for our combination.  Have bought all new for the upcoming season and will kick butt in 2014.

2014 - 2015

2014 was a troublesome year.  We had some gremlin problems with the top end of the both engines.  Continually having to tear things apart and put back together.  Although this is a trying period for any racer, our team stuck it out and managed to attend every race on the schedule and perform to the best of our ability at each event.  We have determined what the issues are and will make the necessary changes to ensure we have a better performance year in 2015.  We have a hectic schedule planned and we are looking forward to seeing some great tracks that aren’t our standard distances.  Alaska being one of them. 

2015 compared to 2014 was an abrupt turnaround.  What a fabulous season with very little problems with the cars, great weather and terrific race tracks that we went to.  Although Alaska was a long way to go, we were treated like kings there and can’t wait to go back in a couple of years.  The other events that we attended had great fan turnouts and again the tracks treat us with great respect and admiration.  We always try to work with the tracks to ensure we all get what we want and that’s putting on a fantastic show for everyone, including ourselves.  Once again, the upcoming season in 2016 if jam packed with fun and new tracks to attend.  Can’t wait to get the cars fired up after another winter of prep work making it all worthwhile during the summer months.